Special Stains Available:

  • Acid Fast -AFB
  • GMS -Fungus Stain
  • PAS -Periodic Acid Schiff
  • Gram +-Bacteria
  • Gomori's Iron Stain
  • Melanin -Lillie's
  • Verhoeff -Van Gieson -Elastic
  • Masson's Trichrome
  • Mayer's Mucicarmine
  • May-Grunwald Giemsa
  • Congo Red Amyloid
  • Toluidine Blue Stain
  • Colloidal Iron

These are the stains currently
available, however, we can set
up any others that you may


Professional Service

Our supervising histotechnologist, Jan Lundy, is a certified HT (ASCP)HTL. She is also the founder and director of Precision Histology Lab, Inc. She has served in a supervisory capacity at four Oklahoma City area hospitals. Ms. Lundy is a charter member of the National Society for Histotechnology, a founding member of the Oklahoma Society of Histotechnologists, as well as an associate member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

Ms. Lundy maintains a staff of professionally trained individuals ready to meet your expectations.They share our philosophy of treating one patient at a time and are committed to quality and excellence.

Pride and Dependability

Precision Histology Lab, Inc. takes pride in more than 75 years of combined professional experience in the field of histology. Our service and expertise are more than what you would expect from a professional histology service.

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